You ever look in the fresh produce section and see the face of God?

As a show catering to the evangelical crowd, I can only imagine that VeggieTales had to follow a lot of rules from the outset. It’s not something I noticed as a child, but as I grew older and reflected on it, I noticed more parallels between it and the Lutheran school in which I was raised than there are parables in the Bible. They were mostly subtle things; its wacky, witty writing was underscored with the same sterile purity of any Sunday school, and its cast often attributed character development to be at least in part due to God. At…

I can’t be the only one who’s felt a persistent, nagging uneasiness since March. It lives somewhere between my chest and stomach, not quite strong enough for my conscious mind to notice yet my subconscious knows it all too well. Especially since I’ve been relegated to living at home and spending extraordinary amounts of time in my childhood bedroom, a lot of it has felt familiar. It’s nostalgia for times in my earlier years I don’t remember fondly.

One can imagine why satiating this feeling is difficult. I’d catch glimpses of it here and there — staring down a dark…

Some quick ‘n messy thoughts because I’m technically supposed to be working on a Java assignment. As such, I’m oversimplifying a lot about both Biden and Trump, but I hope you’ll at least get the idea.

I had, essentially, one thought about that debate.

We can all agree it was a hot mess. But the question of who lost or won wasn’t necessarily the takeaway for me (I don’t think debates are supposed to be about winning…?), nor am I convinced it should be anyone’s. …

An All-American Delusion, but a catchy one, at that.

I have this really distinct memory from sophomore year of high school. I was at my friend’s house when she started singing some song, sounded like rap but mentioned some names that peeked out of the crevasses of my mind. Some crusty, dusty names.

“What’s that?” I asked her.

“It’s from this new play, Hamilton,” she replied. “Have you heard of it?”

Yeesh. I barely remembered Hamilton the person existed. “No, they made a play about him?”

Then she started going on about how it was revolutionizing the theatre scene, how it was gaining a lot of attention for casting…

We cannot sweep only our snow.

Updated 5/31/2020: An Education section has been added to the Resources section and Black has been edited to its proper adjective form. A list of resources is available at the end of this article.

To my other Asian Americans,

I realize that I’m screaming into a void. It’s likely not many people will read this, but if this reaches even one of my cultural siblings, then I implore you:

We need to do better.

Our voices cried out as our communities suffered not even three months ago. We were saddled with a worldwide pandemic’s worth of blame, we were facing scrutiny in restaurants, workplaces, and…

One cold February afternoon, I had just returned from grocery shopping at the University of Southern California’s Village. I organized my purchases — a jug of milk, bananas, ingredients for a stir-fried ramen dish I planned to make that night — and checked my phone before getting back to work. What I saw felt too perfectly placed to be reality: an Apple News highlight covering the exponential spread of COVID-19 around my hometown of San Francisco, and beneath it, a text from my boyfriend: “Oh, by the way, be careful when you go out. I read somewhere that Asians are…

Alex Y

Yeah, I like run-on sentences. What about it?

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